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      4. Most companies can not be lazy motorcycle lessons - terminal stores shopping guide
        In recent years, competition in the domestic motorcycle market can be described as swords, smoke, domestic and international giants of Union counterparts to seek a breakthrough, such as: Zongshen Piaggio marriage and building close contact with Yamaha, Two Rivers (Grand River, Qiantang River) confluence in Suzuki background.

        In fact, this cooperation is the wonder of Mount enterprises with their own marketing resources, technology and sales network edge multinational giants, brand length of each getting a game ending.
        We must not lose their Mount Enterprise foundation - "sales network edge," This is our domestic enterprises to Mount Shengli life of the party.

        Deny their "glorious tradition" is actually a wise strategic direction, we think the sales network to optimize and enhance the competitiveness of the domestic channels Mount Enterprise indispensable homework, but most homework is not lazy interception of sale terminals that store sales professional shopping guide.

        Many of my friends might say this is a reseller, retailer things, the production company does not concern worth mentioning, but unfortunately, many domestic enterprises Mount distributors, retailers unsatisfactory status quo is difficult, there is no friction to help large enterprises manufacturer some dealers, retailers simply do not have the scientific expertise to enhance the end-store sales method, most of the store sales staff basically rely on experience to act, struggling to find professional guidance systems, and even in many places like "Yituo" the same "Moto "this so-called sales approach is still widespread, reportedly also quite effective, we can not for the countless activities for many so-called friction enterprises conducted branding, sponsorship, advertising and Idealists, like the" motor "of such "Terminal spoil" our branding really do not know how much discount will fight!

        Professional storefront shopping guide for branding and sales promotion is essential, is a professional sales process storefront shopping guide refining skills in nature and should be good to break out of the entire sales process several steps, I think: motorcycle store sales process should include following steps:

        1: Active waiting to capture the opportunity

        This is the first step in a motorcycle store sales, in fact, is how to attract as many customers, how to effectively find sales opportunities in these customers.

        Core objective of this step should be: "to attract customers, identify opportunities," sold on the strategic choice to

        Attention to two aspects: one, choose which strategies can effectively make a lot of customers into the store; hand, we should have some way to identify the different customers to find customers really possible to buy a motorcycle, improve sales efficiency.

        2: close to customers, creating fit

        This is the second step in a motorcycle store sales, in fact, using the appropriate way to start interacting with the customer, laying a good first impression for the future of motorcycle sales, because "the first impression is often the lasting impression."

        Core objective of this step is to: "seek resonate with customers to create a fit" in strategic choice on sales and customers to highlight the "resonance" to create customer-store sales staff a good impression, to lay a good recommendation for the following models foundation.

        3: inquiring customer, mining demand

        This step is actually to understand the real needs of customers, "the customer is not buying a car for a car," but rather to satisfy a customer's needs by motorcycle, perhaps walking, perhaps more importantly, is a psychological satisfaction of certain aspects .

        Our goal is not only to understand clearly why the customer to buy a car thinking context, to prepare us the right to recommend to their customers cars, the realization that we are talking about a "consultant" sales; addition, there is a key target is also a variety of professional approach enables customers to take such a "need to meet the urgent needs" in order to promote sales, a lot of store sales personnel in promoting the confusion often stems from this.

        4: three-dimensional display, curing demand

        Some needs through a variety of ways to the corporate brand, model display, performance, transitive trust to customers, while in the process of purchasing needs of customers some degree of management, so that customers need to meet the control, as motorcycle car Purchasing Guide must be clear, "the most important needs of our corporate customers equal to demand answers."

        Here we need to use some specialized tools, such as FABE (product features, advantages, benefits, evidence) tools for specialization and standardization of the show, through easy to accept the sale of the language to communicate with customers, while taking some professional approach to customer to boot, so that our motorcycle "just" to meet customer needs.

        5: to resolve the dispute, the proposed purchase

        Customers objection is a strong signal that the customer purchase, the core essence of this phase is to "promote."

        This requires our shopping guide staff will use some professional and effective approach to the customer in the customer doubts answer difficult unwittingly bought into the channel.

        6: finishing touches to close deal

        By this time, the customer has a clear intention to purchase surfaced, "immediately deal" is the focus of our attention at this stage.

        This requires the use of a number of professional motorcycle shopping guide staff methods, strategies, so that we become a model "for the customer custom" motorcycles, there is a principle: "Customers do not want to be treated equally, and wants to be treated differently."

        7: Customer words of advice and exceed expectations

        Also bought the car, the relevant formalities have been completed, but the professional shopping guide that "after the product is sold, the sale is just the beginning," we have to consider after-sales maintenance, nursing services, but also to find ways to allow customers to be good for our business word of mouth spread and become our super salesman, which is actually a professional shopping guide in order to achieve the requirements.

        Bought the car after parting words, both a storefront shopping guide end step, the service is also often a crucial step to start, it is "customer expectations" part of a set, and the nature of the service is to customer satisfaction, and the satisfaction of the essence is "beyond customer expectations a little"; would appear that "customer expectations" setting, a lot of knowledge can talk about it.

        The above seven steps basically all aspects of motorcycle store sales, where the author only a superficial sort to clarify the ideas in the industry.

        As a motorcycle enterprises should approach this combination of professional shopping guide their own actual situation, the formation of a professional manual for easy operation through an orderly, systematic training to instill, believe that this "can not be lazy," will be a good lesson , the company's sales network and its competitiveness will have made ??substantial progress.

        Author: Ma Ruiguang, vocational training, consultants, advisers, Shenzhen Yi Ma, Principal Consultant, served Dekor Group, CITIC Group, the Hong Kong New World Group and other private, state, foreign marketing manager, marketing director and other staff, is truly from the market line grew up marketing experts.

        Has provided marketing consulting and training services within the enterprise Wuyang Honda, Zongshen motorcycle, Eagle motorcycle, motorcycle companies and many Dafu motorcycle.

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