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        Company Name: Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co., Ltd.
        Domestic Phone:
        0086-510-88266560 88266556
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      4. Motorcycle, motorcycle engines CCC certification and implementation rules for version
        Recently, the China Quality Certification Center (CCC certification accepting institution) issued "on automotive products, motorcycle, motorcycle engines Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification for version of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice").

        Due to mandatory national standards for motor vehicles recently made ??a big revision, pursuant to the national commission for the test items and standards for motor vehicles Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules accessories have also been involved in the corresponding revised and improved, the original other content rules remain unchanged, the revised rules are "motor vehicle category (motorcycle) implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification" (No.: CNCA-02C-024: 2001/A1), "motor vehicle category (motorcycle engine products) implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification "(No.: CNCA-02C-025: 2001/A1). Differences between the old and new rules to implement Annex.
        The circular points out, the new implementing rules on October 1, 2004 began, has obtained CCC certificate certified automotive products, motorcycle, motorcycle engines required to March 1, 2005 to complete the CCC certificate change jobs. In order to facilitate the completion of the certified companies as soon as automotive products, motorcycle, motorcycle engine products CCC certificate change work, the China Quality Certification Center on September 20, 2004 onwards began to implement a new version of the rules accepted by CCC certificate change request. Please contact the relevant enterprises and China Quality Certification Center engineers based on product classification.

        Motorcycles and engines

        Name Phone Fax
        David Lee 86-10-65993906 86-10-65993905
        Liu Huibing 86-10-65993903
        Chen Haiyan 86-10-65993908
        Wang Zhen 86-10-65993849
        Du Peng 86-10-65993907

        To avoid affecting the motorcycle business vehicle and engine production, sales, corporate personnel remind Mount hurry through
        www.cqc.com.cn (China Quality Certification Center official website) made ??motorcycle, motorcycle engine products CCC certificate change Request; and ready to change the CCC CCC certification application and change the product description reports submitted to the China quality Certification Center, in order to ensure that enterprises motorcycle, motorcycle engines completed CCC certificate changes in March 1, 2005 国产精品久久久久久久_精品无码成人网站免费视频_少妇色综合久久88色综合天天_国产欧美精品国产国产专区

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