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      Company Profile
        Contact us
      Company Name: Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co., Ltd.
      Domestic Phone:
      0086-510-88266560 88266556
      Company Culture
      Corporation Slogan
      Keep Lasting Prosperous Throughout the World

      Corporation Quality Policy
      Manufacturing the product needed by the market is the divine duty of each staff Keeping users satisfied is the aim that the enterprise never stops pursuing.

      Quality Goal
      Pass Rate of Each Processing is 99.7% Pass Rate of Installation and Adjustment at One Time is 99.8%Users’ Satisfaction Rate is 100%

      Five Focuses
      Focus on Culture, Focus on Discipline, Focus on Quality,
      Focus on Economization, Focus on Practical Work

      Three Fulfillment
      Fulfillment of Personnel, Fulfillment of Post,Fulfillment of Duty
      Guarantee on Five Links
      Guarantee on the Link of Supply in Package,
      Guarantee on the Link of Goods Entry,
      Guarantee on the Link of Process Control,
      Guarantee on the Linek of Leaders’ Spot Inspection.
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      Copyright ? 2014 Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co.,Ltd.  Address:Tuanjie North Road,Xishan Economic Zone,WuXi Ctiy,jiangsu provinec,China

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