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      Company Name: Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co., Ltd.
      Domestic Phone:
      0086-510-88266560 88266556
      Company Profile
      Founded in 1987, Jiangsu Linzhishanyang Group Corporation started to set foot in the motorcycle trade, and now it has developed as a special manufacturer with annual output capacity of one hundred thousand sets and is one of the designated manufacturer by the state economic and trade commission of the municipality. All the brands of the corporation are national bulletin products.

      Located in Xishan Economic Development Zone of Wuxi City and only one kilometer away from the eastern exit of Wuxi in Shanghai-Nanjing Speedway and only 2.5 kilometers away from the National Highway No. 312, the corporation enjoys very convenient transportation.

      Apart from tens of check and test equipment, such as testing line of entire motor, salt sprayer tester, exhaustion emission detecting meter, engine underpan dynamometer, the corporation now has five assembly lines of entire motorcycle at international advanced level and six carriage welding lines.

      The people of Linzhishanyan keeping on pursuing perfect quality, the group corporation passed the certification of the international ISO9002 Quality System at the end of 1999 and won the titles of “recommended products to Chinese consumers”, “Wuxi Key Protection Product” and etc. The products sell far to countries of East Asia, such as Indonesia and Vietnam. With over 480 staff in the group headquarters, among whom over 50 have post title over secondary grade, a powerful group in developing pioneer products has come into being and become the mainstay for the group corporation to come out first in the market.

      In the new century, Linzhishanyang Group shall keep carrying forward the enterprise idea to make innovations, pursue transcendence, and create first class brands, and the perfect tenet to provide better services to customers by sparing no efforts.
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      Copyright ? 2014 Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co.,Ltd.  Address:Tuanjie North Road,Xishan Economic Zone,WuXi Ctiy,jiangsu provinec,China

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